Setting Goals & Completing Exercises

Combined with your regularly scheduled treatment, recovery and treatment completion is possible when following the exercise program designed by your therapist. Using the mobile app, you can take advantage of:

  • Setting Goals
  • Completing Exercises

Setting Goals

Focusing on small, achievable goals can help you adhere to your exercise plan. You have the ability to add a goal directly into the application.

  1. From anywhere in the app, press the ≣ icon.
  2. Then, select My Goal.                                                        
  3. If a goal was previously entered, press Reset Goal.       
  4. Select Set My Goal.                                                           
  5. Enter your desired goal and press Set Goal.                   
  6. When you have completed your goal, return to the My Goal screen and simply push Mark Goal Complete.

Completing Exercises

View your prescribed exercise videos and see the sets and reps as indicated by your therapist.

  1. From anywhere in the app, press the  icon.
  2. Then, select Today’s Exercises.                                        
  3. Today’s date will be displayed and the exercises will be listed in the order your therapist designed. Choose the top exercise to begin.                  
  4. The exercise video will start playing automatically. If designated by your therapist, you will see the number of sets and reps you should perform. If the exercise requires any resistance weights or bands, they will also be listed.                                           
  5. If needed, use the Description tab to see written instructions on performing the exercise.                                                          
  6. If you are experiencing pain or are having difficulting completing an exercise, use the Feedback tab to inform your therapist.
  7. Once you have completed the exercise for the day, use the Next button at the bottom to view the next exercise.                                                                      
  8. Continue steps 4-7 until all daily exercises have been completed.