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Messaging Your Therapist

The mobile app provides you with a direct connection to your therapist. This is a great way to let your therapist know if you are having difficulty completing an exercise or are experiencing any pain/discomfort when performing an exercise. You can also message your therapist with general questions about your care plan. Your therapist is able to respond to your messages directly. These messages are completely secure and HIPAA compliant.

Exercise Feedback

  1. While viewing any exercise, switch to the Feedback tab.
  2. Enter the desired message in the “How was this exercise?” field.
  3. Press Submit Feedback.

General Questions

To submit/respond to general questions or to view your therapist’s responses to your Exercise Feedback:

  1. From anywhere in the app, press the chat bubble icon at the top of the screen.

New Conversation

   2. To start a new conversation with your therapist, select New Conversation.

   3. Next, indicate which member of your care team should receive the message. 

  4. Type your message in the provided text box and press the Send icon to submit.  

Existing Conversation

   2. If your therapist has sent you or responded to a message you have previously sent, you will see a red notification with the number of new messages you have over the  Messages icon at the top of the screen.

Or, you can check for or send new messages by pressing the menu icon, then Messages

    3. Next, select the desired message thread from the list.

    4. All messages between you and your therapist, including Feedback on exercises, will be displayed. Messages from you are right-aligned with a gray background while messages sent by your care team will be left-aligned with a white background. 

 5.   Type your message in the provided text box at the bottom of the screen and press the Send icon to submit.

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